Moratorium: KSHSAA Established Athletics Moratoriums

The KSHSAA Executive Board establishes three (3) athletic participation moratoriums each year. During this time, coaches (licensed teacher coaches and coach aides employed by member schools) shall be prohibited from engaging in any type of activity involving student athletes whether it be practice, training, weight lifting, conditioning, off-season conditioning, competition or travel. All member school athletic facilities (including gymnasiums) will be closed during this period to school personnel and students grades 7-12.

All Lawrence High School Athletics Facilities will be CLOSED to all Staff, Students, and the Public During These Periods


Summer Moratorium:  Summer 2021_June 28, 2021 – July 4, 2021

Fall Buffer Week:  Fall 2021-2022_ November 8, 2021 – November, 14, 2021

Winter Moratorium:  Winter 2021-2022_December 23,2021-December 27, 2021