Optional Forms Information


  • Transcript & GPA Release
    • suggested for junior and senior students who may be pursuing post-secondary academic, athletic and military careers
    • required to release GPA and transcript information for all-academic team consideration by organizations, tournament hosts, and college or military recruiters
    • Must be on file with the Lawrence High School Registrar


  • Parent Request to Transport Student To/From
    • it is the expectation that all student athletes and managers travel to and from contests with their team
    • Parents may request an exception in the event of family hardship or emergency
      • Form must be signed by the parent/guardian, coach/sponsor/teacher PRIOR to submission to administration for approval
      • Forms must be submitted to the Athletic Director a minimum of 24 hours in advance

ParentRequestToTransport StudentToOrFromEvent

  • Request to Hold an Athletic Signing at Lawrence High School
    • athletic signings will be held on early dismiss days, other week days may be considered
    • all athletic signings will take place immediately after school is dismissed
    • forms should be submitted to the athletic office at least two (2) weeks prior to requested date
    • a preferred date and two (2) alternate dates should be submitted