Required and Optional Forms Information

Athletic Forms Information

Six (6) forms are required for every athlete, seven (7) for student-managers
  • Beginning with the fall 20-21 sports season, all required forms will be submitted online on (link available on main page)
  • The physical and insurance forms need to be downloaded, completed, and then uploaded
  • The concussion, code of conduct, and tryout/participation forms will be signed electronically by both the student and the parent/guardian
  • Families must create a profile, sign, and upload required forms for a student-athlete or manager to be considered for membership on any sports team

Forms may NOT be submitted (in person or via email) …

  • to coaches
  • to the main office
  • to the athletic office
  • at any tryout or practice

To be considered complete, required forms must be…

  • submitted online
  • completed in their entirety
  • approved on RMA by the Athletic Office

It is possible to create a profile and submit forms without the student-athlete being academically eligible.  All athletes and managers must meet all eligibility requirements to participate in a tryout, or practice, or be placed on a team. All athletes and managers must provide proof of medical/accident insurance.

  1. KSHSAA Physical Form
    • The KSHSAA  has released a new physical form – This is the only version of the for accepted
    • Families should..
      • complete pages 1&2 prior to their physical appointment
      • student-athlete and parent/guardian must both sign page 2
        • forms with missing signatures will not be accepted
      • physician must complete and sign pages 3&4
        • forms with missing signatures will not be accepted
      • student and parent/guardian must complete and sign the eligibility checklist on page 5
        • be sure to write the student-athlete name at the top of the page
        • forms with missing signatures will not be accepted
  2. LPS Insurance Compliance Form
    Requires parent/guardian signature and notarization – form must be signed in front of a notary

    • NOTE: Every student-athlete and student-manager is required to have health or accident insurance of up to $25,000.  Individuals not currently covered may purchase insurance through Student Assurance Services (SAS) or another outside source. SAS enrollment and claim forms will be available at the school. Application and payment (or verification from SAS) should be submitted to the athletic office. Coverage begins the day after payment is received and ends the last day of school
  3. KSHSAA Concussion Release
    Requires the electronic signature of the student and the parent/guardian
  4. LPS Code of Conduct Form
    Requires the electronic signature of the student and the parent/guardian
  5. LPS Tryout & Participation Form
    Requires the electronic signature of the student and the parent/guardian
  6. COVID-19 Questionnaire
    Requires the electronic signature of the student and the parent/guardian
  7. Student-Manager Application Form (student-managers only)
    Requires the signature of the student-manager, parent/guardian, head coach of the program
  • Transcript & GPA Release
    • suggested for junior and senior students who may be pursuing post-secondary academic, athletic and military careers
    • required to release GPA and transcript information for all-academic team consideration by organizations, tournament hosts, and college or military recruiters
    • Must be on file with the Lawrence High School Registrar
  • Parent Request to Transport Student To/From
    • it is the expectation that all student athletes and managers travel to and from contests with their team
    • Parents may request an exception in the event of family hardship or emergency
      • Form must be signed by the parent/guardian, coach/sponsor/teacher PRIOR to submission to administration for approval
      • Forms must be submitted to the Athletic Director a minimum of 24 hours in advance
  • Request to Hold an Athletic Signing at Lawrence High School
    • athletic signings will be held on early dismiss days, other week days may be considered
    • all athletic signings will take place immediately after school is dismissed
    • forms should be submitted to the athletic office at least two (2) weeks prior to requested date
    • a preferred date and two (2) alternate dates should be submitted