Reserving a Facility & Tailgating


Beginning May 2019 Lawrence High School began extensive renovations. Facility reservations by outside groups may be limited or suspended until further notice.

The use of an athletic facility, classroom, or room within the building requires advance approval of a facility reservation request by an LHS Administrator and district Facilities and Operations.

A facility use request form must be completed, signed, and submitted to the LHS main office for approval. If approved, it will be forwarded to Facilities and Operations for final approval. Fees may be assessed by LPS Facilities and Operations.

Reservation request forms are available in the Main Office and in Athletics



To insure a fan-friendly and safe tailgating environment, the following rules will be enforced by Lawrence High
School staff, event staff, and local law enforcement.
1. Alcohol, tobacco, and e-cigarette use is strictly prohibited on all district properties by the Lawrence Public Schools Board of Education Policy. Violators may be asked to leave the facilities.

2. Only designated areas may be used for tailgating. Organizations, Class Reunions, or large groups should
contact building administration for an assigned tailgate area. All others may tailgate in designated parking areas provided they comply with all other tailgate policies.

3. Tailgating in the parking lot may not impede the general flow of traffic or use a space intended for a
parked car. Overflow tailgaters will be directed by security or law enforcement officers to comply. Those not complying with the tailgating policy may be ticketed and or towed.

4. Solicitations and commercial activities require permission of Lawrence High School and Lawrence Public Schools Administration.

5. Any person damaging school property will be responsible for the cost of repairs, including damages to
surfaces from cooking.

6. Unless otherwise designated, set-up may not begin before 5:00 P.M. on game-day, or two hours prior
to kick-off/tip-off. Areas must be cleaned and vacated within one hour after the game.

7. Driving or parking private vehicles on any and all greenspaces and sidewalks is strictly prohibited.

8. Tents or canopies must be secured and may not obstruct sidewalks, drive lanes or pedestrian walkways. Tailgating amenities may not obstruct the same areas. Anchors may not be inserted in parking lot or other hard surfaces.

9. BBQ grills must be tended to at all times. Hot coals must be properly disposed of by tailgaters before being left unattended.

10. Please dispose of all trash.

11. Inappropriate behavior may result in removal from the facility.

12. USD #497 and Lawrence High School are not responsible for accidents, damage, loss or theft of materials or personal property.

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